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NZ condemns Gaza flotilla incident

In News and Updates on June 3, 2010 at 11:28 am

The New Zealand Government condemns the violence and especially the loss of life in the incident in international waters off the coast of Gaza, Foreign Minister Murray McCully said today.

“I am taking immediate steps to communicate the Government’s concerns over this incident to the Government of Israel,” Mr McCully said.

“We support the calls made by other countries for a full investigation into the incident. Representatives from our Mission in New York are attending the emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council and we will continue to follow their deliberations carefully.

“New Zealand calls for restraint from all parties in dealing with the aftermath of this incident.

“This violent event serves to underline the fact that the situation in Gaza is not sustainable. We urge an intensification of the efforts to find a solution to that, and the wider challenges in the region.

“A New Zealand citizen was on board the flotilla. We understand she is now in Israeli custody but is safe and well. We are pursuing all the usual lines of consular activity to make contact with her,” Mr McCully said.

Murray McCully


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