Perdana Global Peace Organisation

3pm Malaysia time: Latest from rachel corrie

In News and Updates on June 3, 2010 at 11:30 am

Statement from Shamsul Akmar on behalf of the Malaysians aboard MV Rachel Corrie at 3pm Malaysian time…”Glad to hear about the release of fellow Malaysians although concerned to hear they were not well treated.

“Hope we don’t have to go through the same ordeal but that choice is not ours. We are prepared to face whatever situation that awaits us and we are determined to go ahead and carry on with this mission. Hopefully with international pressure and backing from the various Governments we will be able to go further and be given safe passage to Gaza” “everyone on board is in high spirits”. Further enquiries call Sufi 0122088601/Ram Karthigesu 0122270159

  1. Dear PGPO staff,

    what is the current location of the ship Rachel Corrie, please? It has disappeared from the website.

    It would obviously be highly useful for world media to be able to track it.

  2. Dear Andreas,

    It is about day and away from where the tragic killings on the MV Marmara took place.

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